(Cynashift - the Myth, the Legend)

We're creating a better world through design. By designing better products for our clients, we are not only giving them an edge in visual marketing - we are also raising the bar for affordable design. We pride ourselves in developing the synergy that results from the overlap of great art and marketing that works. The Cynashift family is not out for the easy buck, we're dedicated to creating thriving partnerships that will last.

We chose the name Cynashift because it reflects the passions that drove us to create our company. Cynashift is a combination of the words cynosure and shift. Cynosure means, "the north star, or the center of attraction or attention." We want to move businesses to the forefront of their chosen market. With innovation and intelligent marketing, we can make a difference.

We stand for integrity. Being honest with clients about what is best for their business. Integrity in creating design that works for you, not against you. We stand for innovation. Innovation that takes our clients to the next level. We stand for creativity. Creativity that fuels a successful marketing strategy. We stand for sitting. Sitting at a computer and creating the world's most influential, mind-blowing graphic design and marketing schemes it has ever seen.